Tepoztlan Bungalow

Cadaval & Solà-Morales


A minimalist black-framed concrete cabin nestled among the trees, the Tepoztlan Bungalow serves as a tranquil retreat, offering an immersive experience in close proximity to its natural surroundings. 

Two open-fronted boxes reveal panoramic views of the valley below, with black concrete walls embedded with timber formwork allowing the cabin to blend harmoniously into its environment. White-painted walls and concrete flooring create a bright and inviting interior.

Intended for temporary stays, the modern bungalow offers a serene space to fully immerse oneself in the beauty of nature.

The bungalow is designed as a place to connect with nature. We wanted to capture how it felt to spend a day there while showcasing how the modern cabin seamlessly integrates itself within the site.

The scale of the project allowed us to react to changing light without a fixed schedule.

A challenge during the photoshoot arose from the bungalow’s location on a family property. We aimed to avoid capturing their residence to preserve the genuine sense of solitude with nature experienced at the cabin. This required a thoughtful approach to our positioning and the careful selection of views showcased.

One unforgettable experience was witnessing the sunrise over the mountains from the bungalow.  To capture this we rose before sunrise and waited, patiently anticipating the gradual ascent of the sun over the mountainous horizon. As the sun peeked over the mountain line, it illuminated the treetops, and we captured the first shots of the day.

We continued to capture various perspectives as the sun ascended, filling the interior of the bungalow with light. The interplay of patterns created by surrounding trees and leaves overhead continually transformed the building’s surfaces.

Responding to the unfolding scene before us, we allowed ourselves to be directed by the ever-changing light. This guided our journey throughout the day, with a specific focus on capturing images that encapsulated both the experiential essence of the place and the integration of architecture within its natural setting.