Portrait Photo by Ricardo Dutkowiak

Architectural Photographer Rotterdam

Andrew Campion

I’m a Rotterdam based Architectural Photographer. Originally located in Dublin, Ireland, I frequently commute between the two locations, capturing both personal and collaborative projects.

Collaborating with architects, interior designers, developers, and hospitality clients, I create architectural photography to tell their stories. In my collaborative work, my primary aim is to translate what a designer wants to convey into a set of images that describe this narrative.

My journey as an Architectural Photographer began not behind the lens but at the drawing board as a student of Architecture in Limerick. It was during this time that I developed my passion for Architecture, later finding the camera as a means to further explore this interest. I am drawn to capturing the intent of a design and the life that unfolds in and around it, crafting compositions layered with atmosphere, spatial quality, and the human experience.

Each collaboration starts with a conversation with the client about their project. In this discussion, we outline the main concepts we want to portray, establishing our primary areas of focus.

Following this, we examine important factors such as the sun’s path, weather conditions, and the ongoing activities in and around the building. Using this information, we determine the optimal timeframe for capturing the key areas outlined in the brief most effectively. On the day of the shoot, our approach is guided by changing light conditions prioritising capturing the most essential shots in line with our brief.

My work has been published locally and internationally in publications including Architecture Ireland, House + Design, Image, The Irish Times, Plan Magazine, Archdaily, and Passive House Magazine.

Additionally, I lead workshops for architecture students, guiding them in how to use photography as a medium for describing and exploring architecture.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss or are interested in learning more about my workshops, please fill out the contact form on the contact page. There, I’ve outlined important information you can include to get the conversation started, or you can get in touch directly at